Maintenance Program

Commercial Roof Maintenance Program

Extend the life of your Commercial Roof
Our full-service roof maintenance program helps protect your investment and extend the life of your commercial or industrial roof by providing regular inspections and maintenance to minimize issues.

We regularly inspect and help maintain every aspect of your roof including surfaces, access points, accessories, and peripherals. We can maintain one or multiple buildings in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Texas.


Included in our Roof Maintenance Program

Dedicated Service Technician

With our Commercial Roof Maintenance Program you will get a dedicated service technician who personally develops a relationship with you and your commercial roof.

Pre-scheduled Inspections

Our Roof Maintenance program offers pre-scheduled roof inspections for bi-monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual visits based on your requirements and needs.

Regular roof audits and surveys

We include regular visits from an experienced roof auditor to conduct a visual audit, perform an informal non-destructive survey of the roof(s) and provide a written report with pictures of roof conditions or issues.

Routine Maintenance and Documentation

All routine maintenance required will be noted for corrective action and documented in our Facility View Portal. Following each audit, a Hi-Tech maintenance crew will be dispatched to the facility to perform routine maintenance.


Discounts for out-of-scope damages or repairs

If the roof membrane has been damaged by wind, debris, maintenance contractors, or facility personnel, we provide an assessment and written proposal for the cost to repair the damage. After acceptance of the proposal, our maintenance crew will complete repairs during the time of maintenance work.

Regular reporting and documentation are provided online.

All routine inspections, issue reports, and corrective actions are documented to their fullest extent and available for review or download in our online Facility View Portal.

Warranty Management

We are certified installers for the leading roof manufacturers, so we are knowledgeable of each manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions. Our Roof Maintenance program includes performing the inspections and repairs required by the manufacturers to keep your warranty valid and up to date.

Roof Documentation

Our Roof Maintenance Program also helps document and photograph roof conditions periodically throughout the contract so that you have documentation showing roof conditions at various times. This is most useful in the event an insurance company denies a claim for damages that should be covered under the policy.

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