After your project is complete, we offer a comprehensive maintenance plan to help encourage the longevity of your new roof system. Take a look at what’s included in our maintenance program here. 

There are several pros to reroofing a commercial or industrial building that building owners and managers should understand

  • Commercial reroofing can cost a fraction of the cost of entire roof replacement
  • Reroofing often requires less work so it can be done more quickly and with less disruption to your building and the business(es) that reside within
  • Reroofing helps keep minor roof issues at bay for a longer period of time

At Hi-tech roofing, we are the trusted experts in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas for commercial reroofing projects. Our dedicated team will provide a free initial consult and then produce a project plan including a timeline, costs, and various options to choose from, when appropriate.


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